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Wake up Western Leaders – Christian peril in Middle East is wrong and dangerous

As Christian Communities mark Easter the world over, those in the Middle East face persecution and extinction. Dr Robin Harris explains in this month’s Standpoint that one consequence of the instability across the Middle East has been the ruthless extermination of Christian communities.

More disturbing has been the failure of Government or Opposition parties to speak out or to challenge Arab leaders in the region to protect the Christians in their realms. Indeed, when Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, stated last year that Christianity ‘is the most persecuted religion worldwide’, the response was outrage. Christian minorities in the Middle East have been victims of war, revolution and instability: unless western leaders speak out in their defence, the consequences will not only continue to be deadly for Middle Eastern Christians themselves, but grave for the west.

To read Robin Harris’s piece, click here.

*Dr Robin Harris worked in the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit from 1989-1990 and was an adviser to Lady Thatcher. He is former Director of the Conservative Research Department (1985-1988) and is author of The Conservatives: A History (2011) and Tallyrand (2008).

Robin Harris

Robin Harris is an author and journalist. He served as special adviser at the Treasury (1981-83) and at the Home Office (1983-85) and was subsequently Director of the Conservative Research Department (1985-88) and a member of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's Policy Unit (1989-90). His recent publications include The Conservatives - A History (Bantam, 2011), Not for Turning: The Life of Margaret Thatcher (Bantam, 2013). For Politeia he has authored Why Britain Needs a Foreign Policy (2004) and Criminal Negligence: How Current Policies Towards Crime, Policing and Punishment Fail the Nation (2003).

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