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‘Trading Places: Consumers v Producers in the New Brexit Economy’, by Patrick Minford

Press Release Britain should prepare to leave the Single Market to enforce Brexit, says Patrick Minford in Politeia’s next publication, Trading Places: Consumers v Producers in the New Brexit Economy. The goal should be access tothe Single Market under WTO rules in the same way as other successful economies – e.g. the US, Canada and Australia access it. Exiting the Single Market would bring huge savings by lifting the burdens of EU tariffs and regulations and ending subsidies to unskilled European migrant labour. Trading Places – Consumers v Producers in the New Brexit Economy

Professor Patrick Minford

Patrick Minford is Professor of Applied Economics at Cardiff Business School. His publications include Advanced Macroeconomics: A Primer (2002 and 2019, with David Peel) and the forthcoming After Brexit, What Next?: Trade, Regulation and Economic Growth (2020, with David Meenagh). His Politeia publications include The Economics of Brexit – Getting the Best Deal for the UK (2018) and Flawed Forecasts: The Treasury, the EU and Britain’s future (2016).

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