The Financial Sector, the UK, and Future Trade: Making a Success of Brexit

  • By Politeia
  • October 27, 2017
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The Financial Sector, the UK, and Future Trade
Making a Success of Brexit

Tuesday 28th November 2017, 12.30-1.30pm

The Rt Hon John Redwood MP, Conservative Party Economic Affairs Committee
Barnabas Reynolds, Partner, Shearman & Sterling
Sir William Cash MP, European Scrutiny Committee

In the UK’s negotiations to leave the EU the focus is on future trade globally and with the EU. What steps will allow the UK to continue its lead as a global financial centre? What arrangements will make for friction-free access for UK-EU trade? And how best can EU businesses continue to exploit the benefits of easy access to London’s global capital pool and expertise. On Tuesday 28 November, 12.30pm-1.30pm, Politeia’s special event will consider such questions with a panel of parliamentarians and lawyers.

They will consider such questions as:

· How can the UK make the most of the opportunities for trade with the EU and the rest of the world after Brexit?
· What options are there for a UK-EU deal that avoids the UK being a rule-taker, but serve EU and UK mutual interests?
· How can businesses avoid moving any material business to the EU? How can they exploit the efficiencies that result from the concentration in the City of London?
· Whatever the twists and turns in Brussels, what framework is needed to equip the sector to maintain its lead, deal or no deal?

MPs will consider the UK aims and options as parliamentarians with a specialist knowledge of the is­sues. Barnabas Reynolds will outline the proposals in his new study, explaining that not only is a free trade deal achievable, but it can be won in the interests of both the UK and its EU partners: what matters are the terms of the deal. For a deal to work for the global markets hosted in the City, the UK cannot be a mere rule taker. At the same time a no-deal future can be fashioned legally to the mutual benefit of both.