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‘Right to Religion in a Secular World’, by Stanley Brodie QC

Right to Religion in a Secular World

Stanley Brodie QC

Monday 19th June 2012: The practice of Christianity in the United Kingdom is one of the cornerstones of our society. Its triumph is that it has created the tolerant framework within which other religions may flourish and be practised. Humanity needs faith to enable it to cope with the problems of living – and dying. Freedom to practise one’s religion is a fundamental right in this country.

By contrast the so-called humanists and secularists are intolerant and wish to see religions diminished, trivialised and snuffed out altogether. They are insensitive to the spiritual needs of others.

Britain needs Christianity to maintain the tolerant, civilised institutions we have. The Bideford decision was regrettable.

Baroness Warsi is entirely right and should be supported.

*Stanley Brodie is the author of Politeia pamphlet The Cost to Justice: Government Policy and the Magistrates’ Courts.

Stanley Brodie QC

Stanley Brodie is the most senior member of Blackstone Chambers and has been a QC since 1975. His practice is in commercial and financial areas of law and he has experience of domestic and international arbitration, and public law. He was co-author for Politeia of Magistrates Work! Restoring Local Justice (2014) and The Cost to Justice: Government Policy and the Magistrates’ Court (2011).

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