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‘The Pandemic and its Aftermath – Making Welfare Work’

The Pandemic and its Aftermath – Making Welfare Work

Online Zoom Webinar
Thursday 23rd April, 1.00-2.00pm

Coronavirus has put the benefit system in the spotlight. Thousands of new claimants left jobless by the lockdown have signed on. Uncertainty, job insecurity and lost income face many families for the first time.

How can new claimants best be helped when on benefits to return to working life? What changes are needed for longer term so others on benefit can be helped to return to self sufficiency and working life or overcome poor life chances, inadequate training opportunities, or difficulties in finding a good job?

On Thursday 23 April (1-2pm), Politeia will hold an online event to consider how the weaknesses of Britain’s welfare state can be tackled. Speaking will be:

  • The Rt Hon Frank Field, Author, Revisiting Beveridge: A Benefits and Welfare System for the 21st Century; Chair, House of Commons Work & Pensions Select Committee (2015-2019)
  • The Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP, Chair, House of Commons Work & Pensions Select Committee (2020-)
  • Andrew Forsey, Co-author with Frank Field, Revisiting Beveridge
  • The Lord Glasman, Reader in Political Theory, London Metropolitan University
  • Dr Sheila Lawlor, Director, Politeia (chairing)

Frank Field will consider the themes in his summer publication with Andrew Forsey, Revisiting Beveridge. Other speakers will consider his proposals and such themes as:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the welfare system?
  • How can the difficulties faced by the working poor be overcome?
  • What underlying reforms are needed to restore incentive and security to the social welfare system?
  • What steps are needed to overcome the fundamental problem of funding?


The event will take place online on Thursday 23rd April, 1.00-2.00 pm