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Economy and Tax

Booms, Busts and Fiscal Policy: Public finances in the future, 26th November 2009
J.McFall MP, Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee
M.Fallon MP, Chairman of the Treasury Sub-Committee
Dr. R.Lea, Director & Economic Advisor
Arbuthnot Banking Group
Dr. S.Lawlor, Director, Politeia

The Global Economic Outlook, 14th October 2009
Professor Roger Bootle, Managing Director, Capital Economics

Green Shoots, Shallow Roots: Where next for UK Business? 1st July 2009
Richard Lambert, Director-General, Confederation of British Industry

Booms, Busts and Fiscal Policy: where does the future lie? 10th June 2009
Dr Ludger Schuknecht

The Future of Capitalism: A New Financial Architecture, 18th May 2009
Professor Dennis J. Snower
President, Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Monetary Policy in a Free Society, 23rd April 2009
Professor Tim Congdon CBE, Founder, Lombard Street Research

Whose Crisis, Whose Recession? Causes, Consequences and Future Course, 16th April 2009
Lord Salisbury, Chairman
Professor D.Smith, Visiting Professor of Business & Economic Forecasting, University of Derby
W.Lightfoot, Special Adviser to the Chancellor of the Exchequer (1989-1992)
H.Flight, Chairman of Flight & Partners Ltd

Any Questions? 6th October 2009
Lord Strathclyde, Chairman
D.Willetts MP, Shadow Minister for Universities and Skills
Dr O.Letwin MP
F.Nelson, Editor of The Spectator
Dr S.Lawlor, Director, Politeia

Defending the UK: Is Britain best with NATO? 6th October 2009
Dr L.Fox MP, Shadow Defence Secretary
J.Daley, Columnist, The Sunday Telegraph
Dr S.Lawlor, Director, Politeia

Banks, Booms and Busts: Mortgaging the UK’s Future Economy? 5th October 2009
P.Hammond MP
Dr I.Stelzer
Dr G.Lyons
Lord Forsyth
Dr S.Lawlor


Politeia Addresses

Politeia Anniversary Address: Providing for Pensions – Principles and Practice for Future Success, 3rd December 2009
The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Politeia Summer Address: Lessons for the Future: Education and Training for the UK, 20th July 2009
David Willetts MP, Shadow Minister for Universities and Skills

Politeia Spring Address, 31st March 2009
Dr. Liam Fox MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence

Politeia Winter Address: Conservative Plans for Healthcare, 9th February 2009
Andrew Lansley CBE MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health


Education and Healthcare

A Premium on Patients? Funding the Future NHS, 6th May 2009
Tony Hockley, Director, Policy Analysis Centre and Research Associate, London School of Economics and Political Science

Universities for the Future: What Will They Be? 21st January 2009
David Willetts MP, Shadow Minister for Universities and Skills

The Role of Head Teachers in the Educational Aspirations of the Next Generation, 13th January 2009
John Abbott, President, 21st Century Learning Initiative
David Levin, Headmaster, The City of London School



Clear and Accountable? Institutions for Defence and Security, 16th June 2009
Lord Salisbury, Former Lord Privy Seal & Leader of House of Lords
D.Slater, Former Clerk of the House of Lords and Private Secretary to the Leader of the House of Lords
A. Buckerfield de la Roche, Advisor to the Defence and Security Group

Making Law? Parliament v The Charity Commission, 27th April 2009
Professor Peter Luxton, Professor of Law at Cardiff University
Nick Hurd MP, Shadow Minister for Charities