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Economy and Tax

Taxes: Balancing Incentives and Fairness in a Competitive World Economy, 5th March 2008
Dr Irwin Stelzer

Regulation, Tax and the Global Economy – Is Regulation Just Another Tax? 21st April 2008
Vito Tanzi

Financial Turbulence and the Macro Economic Environment, 18th June 2008
Lord George, Governor of the Bank of England (1993 – 2003)

Should Countries Compete over Tax Rates? 10th June 2008
Dr A.Cortes, Advisor to the Board of LGT Capital Management
Professor L.Feld, University of Heidelberg
Professor T.Congdon CBE, Lombard Street Research
Lord Salisbury, Chairman

Rail Regulation – For Whom Does It Work? 29th January 2008
Chris Bolt, Chairman of the Office of Rail Regulation


Pensions, Savings and Benefits

Regulation and Pensions? 20th May 2008
Chris Daykin, HM Government Actuary (1989-2007)



Who Decides the Law on Charities – Parliament or the Regulator? 13th October 2008
Hubert Picarda QC, President of Charity Law Association (1992-2004)
Professor Peter Luxton, Professor of Property Law at Cardiff University


Education and Healthcare

Recruiting and Employing Teachers: Is there a crisis in the profession? 19th May 2008
Dr S.Lawlor, Director Politeia
Professor B.Moon, The Open University
Professor D.Burghes, University of Plymouth
J.O’Leary, Editor, Times Educational Supplement