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Economy and Tax

Arguments for Tax Reform are Compelling, 11th July 2006
Dr Alfons Cortes, LGT Communications Ltd (Liechtenstein)
Dr. Thomas Renström, Department of Economics and Finance, University of Durham

Flat Tax in Russia: Lessons for national and international economics and politics, 3rd July 2006
Dr Yevgeny Volk, President, The Hayek Foundation, Moscow (Russia)

Taxing the Future: Flat Tax, Dual Income Tax or Heidelberg Simple Tax? 7th June 2006
Professor Dr Lars Feld, Department of Financial Science, Philipps University Marburg,

Flat Rate Tax and UK Tax Reform: What would it do and can we afford it? 23rd May 2006
Professor Patrick Minford, Professor of Applied Economics, Cardiff Business School

Taxes, Employment and Social Accounts, 24th April 2006
Professor Dennis Snower, President, Institute of World Economics, University of Kiel

What lessons from the new European economies? 30th March 2006
Mart Laar, Estonian MP and Prime Minister (1992-4, 1999-01)

The Limits to Tax: Efficiency, Equity and International Competition, 7th March 2006
Dr Irwin Stelzer, Director of Hudson Institute’s Economic Policy Studies Group

What Future for tax in a global economy? 6th February 2006
Professor Vito Tanzi, Director of the Fiscal Affairs Department of the International Monetary Fund, 1981-2000 (Washington)


Education and Healthcare

The Four Ages of Man…Or Woman? 17th July 2006
J. Kampfner, Editor, The New Statesman
Dr S. Lawlor, Director, Politeia
T. May MP, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons
A. Pearson, Columnist, The Daily Mail and The Evening Standard


Pensions, Savings and Benefits

Conquering Crime and Tackling Terrorism: Is there a special relationship? 21st June 2006
Dr Sheila Lawlor, Director Politeia, Dr Robin Harris, Consultant Director Politeia, R.P Eddy, Managing Director of Gerson Lehrman Group, Tim Connors, Manhattan Institute, Lawrence Mone, Manhattan Institute, George Kelling, Manhattan Institute, John Timoney, Chief of Miami Police, William Bratton, Chief of Los Angeles Police

How to Pay for Pensions, 15th May 2006
Professor T. Congdon, C. Daykin, P. Thornton, P. Hammond