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Pre-2000 Publication Archive

  • By Politeia
  • April 20, 2017
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‘A Free Schools Future’, by William Hague
December 2000

‘Incapacity and Disability: Paying for the Consequences’, by Chris Daykin
October 2000

‘Answer the Question: Prime Ministerial Accountability and the Rule of Parliament’, by John Hayes
July 2000

‘Caring for the Long Term: Financing Provision for the Elderly’, by Philip Booth
May 2000

‘What Tories Want’, by Simon Heffer
April 2000

‘Browned-Off: What’s Wrong with Gordon Brown’s Social Policy’, by David Willetts
March 2000

‘Comparing Standards: The Report of the Politeia Education Commission’, by S. Prais, C. St. John Brooks, C. Woodhead & Others
January 2000



‘Reforming Local Government: Accountability, Finance and Function’, by Gillian Shephard
December 1999

‘Britain and Europe: Choices for Change’, by Bill Jamieson and Patrick Minford (joint publication with Global Britain)
November 1999

‘Holding Our Judges to Account’, by Liam Fox
September 1999

‘EMU and Globalization’, by Deepak Lal
September 1999

‘Allegiance: The Nation State, Parliament and Prosperity’, by Robert Cranborne
September 1999

‘Is European Integration Really the Friend of Free Trade?’, by James Forder
June 1999

‘Conservative Debates’, by Oliver Letwin and John Marenbon
June 1999

‘European Tax Harmonization and British Taxes’, by Tim Congdon
May 1999

‘Dilemmas of Decommissioning’, by Kirsten E. Schulze and M. L. R. Smith
May 1999

‘From Beggars to Choosers: University Funding for the Future’, by Graham Hills
February 1999



‘The Cost of Caring: The Economics of Providing for the Intellectually Disabled’, by Shane Kavanagh and Louis Opit
December 1998

‘The End of the Era of Representative Democracy?’, by Robert Cranborne
October 1998

‘The Coming Constitutional Crisis’, by Tim Hames
September 1998

‘The Future of Welfare Reform’, by Frank Field
July 1998

‘Beveridge or Brown? Contribution and Redistribution: The Real Social Security Debate’, by Sheila Lawlor
July 1998

‘Playing at Politics: First-Time Voting in 1997 UK General Election’, by Una McCormack
June 1998

‘Funding the Future: Problems in Pension Reform’, by Chris Daykin
March 1998



‘A Little Local Difficulty: Mayors and Managers – American Models for Britain’, by Tim Hames
December 1997

‘The Chain of Authority’, by Robert Cranborne
November 1997

‘The Many and the Few: Rhetoric and Reality in the Universities after Dearing’
September 1997

‘A Conservative Future’, by Maurice Cowling
July 1997

‘The Dominance of Centrism and the Politics of Certainty: Leaders Series 1’
July 1997

‘Banking on Change: Independence, Regulation and the Bank of England’, by David Gowland
June 1997

‘Working for Benefit’, by Hugh Sykes
May 1997

‘Mounting Debts: The Coming European Pension Crisis’, by Gabriel Stein
March 1997

‘Global Opportunities: Liberalising World Trade and Labour Markets’, by Harold James
January 1997



‘The Individual, The Constitution and The Tory Party’, by Robert Cranborne
December 1996

‘A Moral Maze: Government Values in Education’, by John Marenbon
December 1996

‘What’s Future Local Authority Social Services?’, by Stephen Dorrell
November 1996

‘A Question of Standards: Raising Standards by Choice’, by Robert Skidelsky
September 1996

‘Volunteerism and Charitable Giving in the Health Service’, by Angela Rumbold
July 1996

‘Answering the Challenge of Communitarianism’, by John Marenbon
May 1996

‘Question of Standards: The Need for a Local Democratic Vote’, by Tim Brighouse
April 1996

‘The Long Term View: Financing Care for the Elderly’, by Philip Booth
March 1996

‘Providing for Pensions’, by Peter Lilley
February 1996

‘Unfinished Business: The Economic Case for a More Liberal Labour Market’, Warwick Lightfoot
January 1997



‘A Question of Standards: Finding a Balance’, by Chris Woodhead
December 1995

‘Liberal Conservatism: The Tradition of Small Government’, by Sheila Lawlor
November 1995