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Rt Hon Philip HammondRt Hon Philip HammondChancellor of the Exchequer (2016-19)

Politeia provides a forum in which politicians of all parties, leading academics and key figures in the business community and the media can discuss cutting-edge issues of the day and share views that have contributed significantly to the development of mainstream political thought in the UK.

Rt Hon Michael Gove MPRt Hon Michael Gove MPChancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (2019-)

Politeia does a brilliant job generating the ideas our country needs to achieve noble, progressive goals

Rt Hon Liam Fox MPRt Hon Liam Fox MPSecretary of State for International Trade (2016-19)

Politeia continues to be at the cutting edge of political thought and debate in the UK. They embrace the creative, rather than the status quo and the challenging, rather than the consensus.

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