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Politeia announces New Programme and New Director for 2021

  • Politeia announces new programme for 2021
  • Research priorities for the year will include the big policy challenges raised by COVID-19 and Brexit
  • Edite Ligere appointed as new Director
  • Sheila Lawlor continues part-time role as Research Director

Politeia today announces both a new leadership and a new set of priorities that will inform its programme of research and events over the coming year. The country faces difficult decisions about the direction which policy must take in numerous areas and, having just reached its 25th anniversary, Politeia stands ready to play its part in shaping the debate about the big issues of the moment, including:

  • With the COVID-19 pandemic having brought massive changes to national life over the last twelve months, how should the role of the state be shaped to restore liberty, economic prosperity and highly productive employment?
  • Having formally left the European Union and regained the status of an independent sovereign nation, how should the UK shape and chart its constitutional and economic course?
  • As a new culture war is waged both online and offline, how can the battles over cultural tradition be resolved for the educational curriculum?

These and other themes will be at the heart of Politeia’s projects for 2021 with plans for publications to address such subjects as:

  • The Financial Sector, Trade and UK Law after Brexit – What direction should UK policy take?
  • Star Chamber – The EU-UK Trade Deal: What Does the Legal Opinion Say?
  • The Insurance Industry, Covid Claims and the Law – What should policy be?
  • Covid and the Health Service – Where next for the NHS?
  • Taking a Lead at the WTO – The UK’s role leading international trade reform
  • What Traditions, Whose Culture, What Curriculum? Which principles should guide schools and universities in determining curriculum policy?
  • How to Strengthen Legal Aid – Ensuring Access to Justice
  • Personal Freedom, Security and Privacy in the Digital Age – What should the law be?

To take forward the programme, Edite Ligere has been appointed as Politeia’s new Director, taking over from Jonathan Isaby, while Dr Sheila Lawlor, Politeia’s Founder, will continue in her part-time role as Director of Research to develop the established programme and ensure a smooth transition. Edite is a barrister by profession and an advisor at Galileo Global Advisors in New York. Her special interests include artificial intelligence, insurance, human rights and cyber security.

Commenting on behalf of the board, Sir Brian Williamson says:

Politeia has built up a reputation for robust thinking in its work to help shape detailed policy on economic, social, legal and constitutional matters. Our new Director, Edite Ligere, will bring new strengths to the economic and legal programme and fresh thinking to the policy debate.’

Politeia’s new Director Edite Ligere says:

‘I am delighted and honoured to have been appointed to this prestigious post at such an important, troubling, yet promising time in our nation’s history, and one of rapid change throughout the world. I look forward to continuing Politeia’s valuable contribution to the evolution of the key constitutional, economic, social and legal policy themes.’

Politeia’s outgoing Director Jonathan Isaby says:

‘I’m particularly pleased during my tenure to have given some new voices access to Politeia’s platform and to have ensured that authors and bloggers are properly showcased on the Politeia website for the first time. However, having concluded that I was not the right fit for Politeia, I’m delighted that Edite Ligere, coming from a strong legal background, has been recruited to take the organisation forward and I wish her all the very best for Politeia’s future endeavours.’

Politeia’s Founder and Director of Research Dr Sheila Lawlor adds:

‘We are very pleased to welcome Edite Ligere. She brings a fresh voice to the policy debate and specialist knowledge of the many legal questions at the heart of our work.

‘Jonathan has been a marvellous asset and a good friend whom I greatly admire for his outstanding abilities, talents and purposeful direction of Politeia and while we are sorry to see him go, we wish him every success for the future.’



Notes to Editors

  1. Established in 1995, Politeia is an independent, non-partisan think-tank providing a forum to discuss economic, constitutional and social policy with a particular focus on the role of the state in people’s lives.
  2. Politeia’s new Director, Edite Ligere, will take up her post on 1st February. She is a barrister at 1 Crown Office Row Chambers and an advisor at Galileo Global Advisors in New York. Her special interests include artificial intelligence, insurance, human rights and cyber security. She is a member of Politeia’s Academic Advisory Council and was appointed to the Bar Council of England and Wales in 2020. She has written recently for the OECD on Insurance: can systemic risk get any more systemic post-COVID–19?