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‘Revisiting Beveridge: A Benefits and Welfare System for the 21st Century’, by Rt Hon Lord Field and Andrew Forsey
September 2020
Press Release

‘Paying for Elderly Social Care: What Principles? What Aims?’, by Stephen Hammond MP, Sheila Lawlor (Ed.) , Melanie Powell & Colin Wilson
July 2020
Press Release

Paying for the Future: Working Systems for Pensions and Healthcare’, by Ludger Schuknecht, Matthias Dauns & Werner Erbert
March 2015
Press Release

The UK Government Spending Ratio: Back to the 1930s?’, by David Smith
January 2015
Press Release

Working Welfare: Contributory Benefits, the Moral Economy and the New Politics’, by Frank Field
November 2013
Press Release

Working Lives: Making Welfare Work, by Chris Grayling
September 2011
Press Release

Pension Reckoning: Paying for Private and Public Pensions’, by Charles Cowling
July 2010
Press Release

Providing for Pensions: Principles & Practices for Success’, by Theresa May
March 2010
Press Release

Working to Account? Social Security Without Dependency, by Peter Birch Sørensen & Arij Lans Bovenberg
January 2008
Press Release

The Challenge of Ageing: Pension Reform, International Trends and Future Imperatives’, by Chris Daykin
June 2006
Press Release

At A Price! The True Cost of Public Spending’, by Alistair Heath & David Smith
April 2006
Press Release

Crisis at Christmas: Predictable and Preventable?’, by John Bird
December 2005
Press Release

Policing Matters: Recruitment, Training and Motivation’, by Anthony Howlett Bolton, Anthony Burden, Tony Caplin, David Ramsbotham, Kate Rutherford & Chris Woodhead, Edited by Sheila Lawlor
November 2005
Press Release

Providing for Pensions: Savings in a Free Society, by Tim Congdon
July 2005
Press Release

Saving Savings: How to Promote Personal Investment, by Charles Jackson
January 2005
Press Release

The Pensions Predicament: Means Testing, the Savings Trap and the Labour Market’, by Paul Thornton, Jonathan Gardner & Mike Orszag
December 2004
Press Release

Mounting Costs: Regulation, Employment and the British Labour Market, by Nicholas Boys Smith
July 2004
Press Release

‘How Savings Damage Your Retirement’, by Frank Field
May 2003
Press Release

I’m in the underclass: Get me out of here’, by John Bird
January 2003
Press Release

‘Pension Systems: The EU and Accession Countries, Lessons for the UK’, by Chris Daykin
December 2002
Press Release

‘Retreat From the Streets’, by John Bird
December 2002
Press Release

‘Tax Credits: Do They Add Up?’, by David Willetts & Nicholas Hillman
April 2002
Press Release

‘Welfare to Work – The New Deal: Maximising the Benefits’, by Hugh Sykes

‘Browned-Off: What’s Wrong with Gordon Brown’s Social Policy’, by David Willetts
March 2000

‘The Future of Welfare Reform’, by Frank Field
July 1998

‘Beveridge or Brown? Contribution and Redistribution: The Real Social Security Debate’, by Sheila Lawlor
July 1998

‘Funding the Future: Problems in Pension Reform’, by Chris Daykin
March 1998

‘Working for Benefit’, by Hugh Sykes
May 1997

‘Mounting Debts: The Coming European Pension Crisis’, by Gabriel Stein
March 1997

‘The Long Term View: Financing Care for the Elderly’, by Philip Booth
March 1996

‘Providing for Pensions’, by Peter Lilley
February 1996

‘What Future Local Authority Social Services?’ by Stephen Dorrell
November 1996