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‘Funding the Future – Retirement and Social Care – What Questions, What Aims?’

Funding the Future – Retirement and Social Care

Framing the Policy on Social Care – What Questions, What Aims?

Thursday 30th April, 12.30-1.30pm
Online Zoom Webinar

The plight of the elderly, the most frequent victims of the Coronavirus, is all too evident at the moment. Normally, elderly people nowadays are living longer, healthier lives, and some need social care in later year. Once the UK government returns to business after the pandemic, it proposes to put social care for the elderly at the heart of policy.

Such policy must focus on helping older people to live stronger, healthier, self sufficient and independent lives in their later years. On Thursday 30th April Politeia’s lunchtime online event will consider how the needs of a population living longer and healthier lives for social care in life’s later years can best be met. Three distinguished speakers – will consider the themes:

  • Stephen Hammond MP, Minister of State for Health (2018-2019)
  • Colin Wilson, Deputy Government Actuary
  • Melanie Powell, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Derby
They will reflect on the themes and questions which should be at the heart of the government’s approach, and explore such questions as:
  • How can UK pensions and social care policy best address the UK’s changing demographic profile in coming decades?
  • What principles should guide the funding model?
  • What economic, actuarial, business or investment considerations matter?
  • Are there lessons to be learned from other successful systems?
  • How should the UK build on a model that pools risk?