‘Obstacles v Opportunities – Next Steps for UK-EU Talks’

Obstacles v Opportunities

Next Steps for UK-EU Talks

Friday 26th June, 12.30-1.30 pm
Online Zoom Event

Now that the lockdown is being lifted, the UK’s focus is on economic recovery and future trade. As trade talks with the EU move to their finale, Politeia will hold a lunchtime zoom event on Friday 26th June (12.30-1.30 pm) to consider options and next steps. On the panel will be:

  • Robert Courts MP, International Trade Committee (2020 -), PPS Dept. of Transport
  • The Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (2010-12) and Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (2012-2014)
  • David Collins, Professor of International Economic Law, City, University of London; Author, How to Level the EU’s Playing Field – Trade Remedies for a Trade Deal (Politeia, 2020)
  • Barnabas Reynolds, Partner, Shearman & Sterling; Author, Managing Euro Risk (Politeia, 2020)

To Respond – John Mills, Founder & Chairman, JML

Speakers will take account of the current UK-EU discussions and such questions as:

  • How can the respective UK and EU positions best be reconciled with a mutually beneficial trade deal that respects UK sovereignty?
  • What should be the UK’s negotiating tools?
  • What legal arrangements should underpin a UK-EU trade deal? Will the 2019 Withdrawal Agreement lapse?
  • If the EU does not agree to a Canada style deal, what would the Australia type deal or WTO trade arrangements be?

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The event will take place online on Friday 26th June, 12.30-1.20 pm. If you would like to register your interest please respond by writing to press@politeia.co.uk with your name, position, phone number and organisation. We will add your name to our list and you will receive details of how to log on to join us.



Photo: CC-BY-4.0: © European Union 2020 – Source: EP

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