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‘Looking ahead at Politeia – New Programme, New Director! Expanding the programme, Expanding the team!’

Politeia, which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary, now sets out a bold new programme to meet the economic, social and constitutional challenges of the future.

Our future plans develop our work on policies for the economy and tax, the constitution, law, education, social security reform, health and social care. (Further details and links below).

Despite the lockdown and its aftermath, Politeia is expanding.  On 7th September, Jonathan Isaby will join the team as Director. Sheila Lawlor, the founder Director, will take the new role of Director of Research.

Welcoming the appointment of Jonathan Isaby, Dr Lawlor says:

    ‘For some time now we have hoped to expand our programme and team, but plans have been on hold because of both Brexit and Covid. But now we are moving ahead both with our programme and the appointment of Jonathan Isaby as Director. Jonathan will bring a wealth of experience, talent and knowledge to Politeia. His appointment will enable me, as I have always wished, to concentrate on research and writing in my new role as Founder and Director of Research. I am delighted our board has extended a warm welcome to Jonathan and I look forward to Politeia’s moving ahead in the coming decades under his direction.’

Sir Brian Williamson CBE, speaking on behalf of Politeia’s board says

    ‘25 years ago Politeia was established to influence the influential. With clear and respected research, a strong reliance on the lessons of history, and a sense of the practical, it made its mark.
    It is time to expand. The need for clear thinking, free from the deceptions of group thinking and the cacophony of social media, has never been in greater demand.’

Jonathan Isaby* says:

    ‘During my two decades working in and around Westminster, I’ve seen how Sheila and her team have played a vital role in framing numerous policy debates, so it is a great privilege now to be taking on the mantle of Director of Politeia. I’m looking forward to ensuring that its rigorous research and analysis reaches an ever larger audience, whicle abiding by the timeless aim of promoting “the best policies for a free society under the rule of law”
    Following the economic and social shocks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, there has never been a more important time to produce and promote imaginative and innovative policy thinking – and I intend to ensure that Politeia addresses the critical challenges facing the nation in the months and year ahead.’

* After a degree in modern languages and linguistics from the University of York, Jonathan Isaby became a political analyst at the BBC. There followed editorial and writing posts at the Daily Telegraph and elsewhere, before becoming co-editor of ConservativeHome in 2008. He was Political Director, and later Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance and then editor of BrexitCentral from its inception. His publications include Boris v Ken: How Boris Johnson Won London (Methuen 2008), co-authored with Giles Edwards.



Developing Politeia’s work 2020 and Beyond– Themes and Plans

The Economy  and TaxFor a selection of previous work click here
How to Pay for the Lockdown – What’s best for the economy, best for recovery? (*)
Free Enterprise and the Social Benefit of the Pursuit of Profit
Time for Serious Tax Simplification?

The Constitution, Government, Political Thought –  For a selection of previous work click here
The Constitution in the 2020s
Making the Most of the Freedoms Gained by Leaving the EU
Devolution – Strengthening or Weakening the Union?                                                                                                

Benefit Reform – For a selection of previous work click here
Reforming Welfare – A Benefits and Welfare System for the 21st Century              

Trade,  Foreign Policy – For a selection of previous work click here
Moving the International Agenda for Free Trade in Goods and Services

Education – For a selection of previous work click here
Sectionism or Cultures? Lessons for the school and university curriculum, the arts and society
Public Examinations Under Threat

Law – For a selection of previous work click here
Fair, Effective, Efficient and Funded – Helping the Justice System Find its Way? – With BPP University
Funding Legal Aid

Health, Pensions and Social Care – For a selection of previous work click here
Pensions, Long-Term Care – Health and NHS Reform


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