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The Rule of Law, Rwanda and the British Constitution, by Anthony Speaight KC
March 2024
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Plain Sailing for the ECB? Look Out for the Rocks!by Barnabas Reynolds
June 2023
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Moving On! The Good Friday Agreement, the Northern Ireland Protocol and the Windsor Framework, by Martin Howe KC, Sheila Lawlor and Barnabas Reynolds
April 2023
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Making the Most of Brexit Freedoms, by David Collins
December 2022
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The UK, the WTO and Global Trade: Leading Reform on Services Trade, by David Collins
July 2022
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‘Rules for the Regulators: Regulating Financial Services after Brexit, by Barnabas Reynolds
June 2022
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Reforming Legal Aid – The Next Steps’, by Anthony Speaight QC
April 2022
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Reforming Legal Aid’, by Sheila Lawlor, Gavin Rice, Jonathan Fisher QC, Max Hardy, Edite Ligere and James Taghdissian
March 2022
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‘Medically Assisting Suicide: Reviving a Bad Idea’, by David A. Jones
August 2021
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‘The Constitutional Role of the Judiciary: Precedents and Position?’by David Jones
June 2021
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‘The Lawyers Advise: UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement – Unfinished Business?’, by Martin Howe QC, Barnabas Reynolds, David Collins, James Webber and Sheila Lawlor
May 2021
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‘Restoring UK Law: Freeing the UK’s Global Financial Market’, by Barnabas Reynolds
February 2021
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Covid-19 Contact Tracing How Should Policy Proceed? by Anthony Speaight QC
May 2020
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‘How to Level the EU’s Playing Field – Trade Remedies for a Trade Deal’, by David Collins
April 2020
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Managing Euro Risk: Saving Investors from Systemic Risk’, by Barnabas Reynolds, David Blake & Robert Lyddon
February 2020
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‘All Change? UK State Aid after Brexit: What Law? What Courts?’, by James Webber
February 2020
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Now or Never: Countering the Coup Against Britain’s Democracy, by Sheila Lawlor
October 2019
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Leave as You Entered: Brexit in International Law, by Thomas Grant
September 2019
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Any Role to Play in UK Law? The EU Charter of Fundamental Human Rights, by Anthony Speaight
August 2019

‘UK and EU Financial Services: The Legal Framework for Free Trade After Brexit’, by Barnabas Reynolds
July 2019
Press Release

‘Avoiding the Trap – How to Move from the Withdrawal Agreement’, by M. Howe QC, Sir R. Aikens & T. Grant
June 2019
Press Release

‘The Withdrawal Agreement, State Aid and UK Industry: How To Protect UK Competitiveness’, by Barnabas Reynolds & James Webber
February 2019
Press Release

‘Free Trade in UK-EU Financial Services: How Best to Structure a Brexit Trade Deal’, by Barnabas Reynolds
October 2018
Press Release

‘Negotiating Brexit: The Legal Basis for EU & Global Trade’by David Collins (4th edition)
July 2018
Press Release

‘Commercial Law Post Brexit: Next steps for the UK’, by Thomas Sharpe QC
June 2018

‘The ECJ – An Imperial or Impartial Court? Adjudicating Treaty Rights After Brexit?, by Dr Gunnar Beck
April 2018
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Triggering Article 50, Courts, Government and Parliament, by David Abulafia, Jonathan Clark, Peter Crisp, David Howarth, Sheila Lawlor (Ed.) & Robert Tombs
January 2017
Press Release

How to leave the EU: Legal and Trade Priorities for the New Britain’, by Martin Howe QC
July 2016
Press Release

Ruling the Ruler: Parliament, the People and Britain’s Political Identity’, by Sheila Lawlor
June 2016
Press Release

Dumbing Down the Law: The SRA’s Proposals for Legal Training’, by Anthony Bradney
February 2016
Press Release

The British Bill of Rights: Protecting Freedom Under the Law, by Jonathan Fisher
December 2015
Press Release

What’s the Point of the Human Rights Act: The Common Law, the Convention, and the English Constitution’, by Dinah Rose
February 2015
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Britain and Europe: The momentum for European Reform, by Lord Howell
December 2014
Press Release

Magistrates Work! Restoring Local Justice’, by Stanley Brodie QC, John Howson & Simon Reevell MP
October 2014
Press Release

Zero Plus: The Principles of EU Renegotiation’, by Martin Howe QC
July 2014
Press Release

Divided We Stand: Scotland a Nation Once Again’, by Peter Fraser
November 2012
Press Release

Freedom, Responsibility and the State: Curbing Over-Mighty Government’, by J. Rees-Mogg, M. Vickers,  Z. Goldsmith, J. Morris, J. McCartney, J. Stevenson, C. Whittaker, F. Bruce, S. Reevell & D. Mowatt
May 2012
Press Release

The Cost to Justice: Government Policy and the Magistrates’ Court’, by Stanley Brodie
May 2011
Press Release

Populism and Democracy: Politics in the Public Interest’, by John Marenbon
February 2011
Press Release

Jailbreak: How to Transform Prisoners’ Training’, by Jon Trigg, Mark Lovell & Carolyn Altounyan
July 2010
Press Release

Clear and Accountable? Institutions for Defence and Security’, by Robert Salisbury, Douglas Slater & A. Buckerfield de la Roche
June 2010
Press Release

The Armed Forces, NATO and the EU: What Should the UK’s Role Be?, by Liam Fox
March 2010
Press Release

Safeguarding Sovereignty: A Bill for UK Constitutional Rights in the EU, by Martin Howe
January 2010
Press Release

Making Law? Parliament v. The Charity Commission, by Peter Luxton
June 2009
Press Release

Restoring Parliamentary Authority: EU Laws and British Scrutiny’, by Theresa May & Nicholas Timothy
November 2007
Press Release

Sleeping Beauty: Awakening the American Dream‘, by Maurice Saatchi
July 2007

Who Controls Britain’s Borders?’, by David Heathcoat-Amory
January 2007
Press Release

Forever Enslaved? Female Dependency and the State’, by Sheila Lawlor
July 2006
Press Release

ABC: A Balance Constitution for the 21st Century’, by Martin Howe QC
January 2006
Press Release

Policing Matters: Recruitment, Training and Motivation, by A. Howlett Bolton, A. Burden, T. Caplin, Sheila Lawlor (Ed.), D. Ramsbotham, K. Rutherford and C. Woodhead
November 2005
Press Release

Let Freedom Prevail!’, by Liam Fox
June 2005
Press Release

Working in Harness: Parliamentary Government and the Role of the Lords, by Thomas Strathclyde
March 2005
Press Release

Voting on the Constitution: What should this country know about the consequences?, by Daniel Hannan
November 2004
Press Release

Why Britain Needs a Foreign Policy’, by Robin Harris
June 2004
Press Release

‘Conservative for the Future’, by Liam Fox
March 2004
Press Release

The Easy Case: Undermining Respect for the Law, by Oliver Letwin
November 2003

‘Criminal Negligence: How Current Policies Towards Crime, Policing and Punishment Fail the Nation’, by Robin Harris
July 2003
Press Release

‘The EU Constitution: What It Means For Me’, by David Heathcoat-Amory
July 2003
Press Release

‘A Balance for the Best: Towards Accountable and Responsible Local Government’, by John Redwood
April 2003
Press Release

Conservative Debates: Liberty Under the Law’, by Oliver Letwin, John Marenbon & Martin Howe QC
October 2002

Tackling Terrorism: The European Human Rights Convention and the Enemy Within’, by Martin Howe QC
October 2001

‘The Conservative Party and the New Age’, by Robert Cranborne
July 2001

‘Answer the Question: Prime Ministerial Accountability and the Rule of Parliament’, by John Hayes
July 2000

‘What Tories Want’, by Simon Heffer
April 2000

‘Is European Integration Really the Friend of Free Trade?’, by James Forder
June 1999

‘Reforming Local Government: Accountability, Finance and Function’, by Gillian Shephard
December 1999

‘Britain and Europe: Choices for Change’, by Bill Jamieson & Patrick Minford (joint publication with Global Britain)
November 1999

‘Holding Our Judges to Account’, by Liam Fox
September 1999

‘Allegiance: The Nation State, Parliament and Prosperity’, by Robert Cranborne
September 1999

‘Conservative Debates’, by Oliver Letwin & John Marenbon
June 1999

‘EMU and Globalization’, by Deepak Lal
September 1999

‘The End of the Era of Representative Democracy?’, by Robert Cranborne
October 1998

‘The Coming Constitutional Crisis’, by Tim Hames
September 1998

‘Playing at Politics: First-Time Voting in 1997 UK General Election’, by Una McCormack
June 1998

‘A Little Local Difficulty: Mayors and Managers – American Models for Britain’, by Tim Hames
December 1997

‘The Chain of Authority’, by Robert Cranborne
November 1997

‘A Conservative Future’, by Maurice Cowling
July 1997

‘The Dominance of Centrism and the Politics of Certainty: Leaders Series 1’
July 1997

‘The Individual, The Constitution and The Tory Party’, by Robert Cranborne
December 1996

‘What Future Local Authority Social Services?’, by Stephen Dorrell
November 1996

‘Answering the Challenge of Communitarianism’, by John Marenbon
May 1996

‘Liberal Conservatism: The Tradition of Small Government’, by Sheila Lawlor
November 1995