Financial Services

Politeia’s proposals for future UK financial services trade by Barnabas Reynolds adopted by the UK government. Future UK trade with EU and the globe to be on the basis of mutual recognition of laws and enhanced equivalence.

Goods and Services Trade

Politeia’s recommendations for UK trade to be under UK law echoed by other authorities and now government policy. UK to trade globally as an independent country and with the EU from 2021 was proposed by international economic lawyer Prof David Collins.

Curbing Tax and Public Spending

Government policy to restore the country’s finances after the economic crisis followed Vito Tanzi’s recommendations for state spending to be reduced to 35-40 per cent of GDP. Proposals for Cutting debt, fiscal consolidation and structural reform now mainstream policy Ludger Schuknecht.


Politeia’s Curriculum and GCSE proposals adopted by Education Secretary, Michael Gove, for the Coalition’s education flagship reforms & drawing also on Politeia’s Comparing Standards series.

Legal, Constitutional, Democratic

To restore UK sovereignty and Democratic Freedom under the rule of law, Politeia’s proposals for legal and constitutional independence by Martin Howe QC and others adopted as UK government policy.

No Impasse in Future talks: International lawyer Thomas Grant’s proposals for the UK negotiate as a sovereign power with the EU at heart of UK government talk’s strategy.


Politeia’s healthcare reform series puts three key principles as central to NHS reform – greater accountability to patients, supply side competition, transparent funding – adopted incrementally since the Blair years to put the patient, not the provider, in charge of NHS change.

The Irish Border

Breaking Backstop Deadlock: Ray Bassett’s Politeia work urged Irish leaders to work with UK to resolve Backstop impasse – which proved a winning formula for new UK-EU deal.

What They Say

Rt Hon Sir Vince CableRt Hon Sir Vince CableLeader, The Liberal Democrats (2017-19)

Politeia has been, in my experience, a very good forum for discussing important policy issues from first principle.

Rt Hon Frank FieldRt Hon Frank FieldChair, Work and Pensions Select Committee

Politeia's generosity in opening up its forum to a wide range of views makes it for me a very attractive think tank.

Professor Deepak LalProfessor Deepak Lal

Politeia is a small but influential London-based think tank, which, with the quality of its authors , has made a major contribution in a number of areas of public policy like taxes, health and education.

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