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How to Leave the EU Next Steps for the UK’s Financial Services

  • By Politeia
  • November 2, 2016
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How to Leave the EU Next Steps for the UK’s Financial Services

3rd November, 12:15—13:15

As Britain prepares to leave the EU, the spotlight is on financial services. What course is best for London to stay as the world’s leading financial centre? What steps are needed for Britain to lead the industry globally and world wide as HMG sets out to honour the Brexit mandate? On 3rd November, Politeia’s event, How to Leave the EU: Next Steps for the UK’s Financial Services, will focus on some of the major issues now dominating the policy debate. Speaking will be Barney Reynolds, head of Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory Group, Global Co-Head of Financial Institutions at Shearman and Sterling, who will introduce his forthcoming Politiea publication, Financial Services – What Policy is Best for Leaving the EU? (working title) Other speakers including politicians shaping the policy, and business leaders from financial services will also speak. Further details will follow. They will consider the themes in the new publication including questions such as:

  • What role does the EU now play in determining how UK financial services operate?
  • How does the status quo work in practice? What are its benefits and disadvantages?
  • What are the options post Brexit?
  • How can the UK continue to play its global role with London as the leading financial centre?
  • How can access to EU be organised, to ensure markets for the UK and the EU work competitively and constructively?

The event will take place on 3rd November, 12:15—13:15. If you would like to attend please email with your name, organisation, position, email address and daytime telephone contact.