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Funding the Future – Retirement and Social Care – Framing the Policy on Social Care

Funding the Future – Retirement and Social Care

As political leaders across the spectrum agree that the needs of an elderly population will be a priority for policy for the new government, social care has been a particular focus. The wider question of funding retirement and insuring against risk will be a central consideration in the shaping of policy.

It has long been recognised in the UK that while the state retirement pension and the Beveridge plan continue to have a role to play*, people must save independently towards retirement over working life and government must provide an incentive and put in place a framework to do so.

Politeia’s new series will consider how best government can meet the demands of a population living longer and healthier lives, in collaboration with the pensions and insurance industry.

Drawing on contributions from the legal, actuarial and economics profession and from politicians who have special knowledge of the subject, it will explore such questions as

  • How can UK pensions and social care policy best address the UK’s changing demographic profile in coming decades?
  • What change in the legal and policy framework would encourage the pensions and insurance industry to meet need effectively and efficiently?
  • How should the UK continue to be a leading voice in determining international regulation for the sector, guard against systemic risk and set business free?
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‘Funding the Future – Retirement and Social Care – What Questions, What Aims?’
Stephen Hammond MP, Minister of State for Health (2018-19), Colin Wilson, Deputy Government Actuary, Melanie Powell, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Derby

Paying for the Future: Healthcare and Pensions, Publication Launch
Dr Ludger Schuknecht, Director of Economic Policy, German Finance Ministry
Matthias Dauns

The UK Pension System and the Wider World
Chris Daykin, UK Government Actuary 1989-2007

The Australian Pension System: Are there lessons for the UK?
The Hon. Nick Sherry, former Australian Minister for Superannua­tion (2007-2009) and former Australian Assistant Treasurer

The Swiss Pension System and Germany’s Reform Plans
Professor Lars Feld, Member of the German Council of Economic Experts

Can We Pay for the Future? Financing health and pension systems
Dr Ludger Schuknecht, Director General of Economic Policy at the German Federal Ministry of Finance

Spring Address: Tackling Unemployment and the Benefits Culture
The Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, Minister of State for Work and Pensions

Politeia Anniversary Address: Providing for Pensions – Principles and Practice for Future Success
The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Politeia Winter Address: Conservative Plans for Healthcare
Andrew Lansley CBE MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health

Regulation and Pensions?
Chris Daykin, HM Government Actuary (1989-2007)

How to Pay for Pensions
Professor Tim Congdon, C. Daykin, P.Thornton, P. Hammond