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Fair, Effective, Efficient and Funded – Helping the Justice System Find its Way

Justice Series with BPP Law School, 2020

The UK’s justice system rests on proven principles and practises – the right to a fair hearing and a rule against bias. How can such principles be enshrined in a justice system for the 21st century?

Central to the series will be a discussion of the principles and practice on which the effective operation of the justice system rests, and why these principles matter: for instance, the right to a fair hearing, and the rule against bias. It will explore the damage done when these principles are neglected and the reasons why such failures take place. Such damage is often serious, including miscarriage of justice and the reputational and financial harm caused by failed trials, the costs are high.


Events in the 2020 BPP-Politeia Series:

Why Trials Collapse? The Cost of Failure. The CPS, The Police and the Politics, Thursday 25th June
Alex  Chalk MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary to the Secretary of State for Justice, Jonathan Fisher QC, Bright Line Law & Max Hardy, 9 Bedford Row

Funding Justice – What Focus, What Priorities? Overcoming Obstacles and Waste, Monday 20th January
Lord Faulks QC, 1 Chancery Lane, Minister of State for Justice (2014-16), Richard Atkins QC, St Philips Chambers, Chair of the Bar Council (2019), Simon Davis, President, The Law Society



Covid-19 Contact Tracing How Should Policy Proceed?’, by Anthony Speaight QC

Any Role to Play in UK Law? The EU Charter of Fundamental Human Rights, by Anthony Speaight QC

‘Commercial Law Post Brexit: Next steps for the UK’, by Thomas Sharpe QC

‘The ECJ – An Imperial or Impartial Court? Adjudicating Treaty Rights After Brexit?, by Dr Gunnar Beck

Dumbing Down the Law: The SRA’s Proposals for Legal Training’, by Anthony Bradney

The British Bill of Rights: Protecting Freedom Under the Law, by Jonathan Fisher

What’s the Point of the Human Rights Act: The Common Law, the Convention, and the English Constitution, by Dinah Rose

Magistrates Work! Restoring Local Justice’, by Stanley Brodie QC, John Howson & Simon Reevell MP

The Cost to Justice: Government Policy and the Magistrates’ Court’, by Stanley Brodie

Jailbreak: How to Transform Prisoners’ Training’, by Jon Trigg, Mark Lovell & Carolyn Altounyan

Making Law? Parliament v. The Charity Commission, by Peter Luxton

The Easy Case: Undermining Respect for the Law’, by Oliver Letwin

‘Criminal Negligence: How Current Policies Towards Crime, Policing and Punishment Fail the Nation’, by Robin Harris

‘Holding Our Judges to Account’, by Liam Fox


Previous Justice Series Events:

The UK Constitution and Implications of the Referendum, 4th December 2018
Sir William Cash, Lord Faulks QC, Sir Richard Aikens QC

The UK Constitution and UK Law and Regulation: What changes are implied by the referendum decision? 12th February 2019
Martin Howe QC, James Webber, Austen Morgan

The UK and the EU – Trade in Goods, Trade in Services, 1st May 2019
Sir Christopher Chope OBE MP, Hugh Mercer QC, Professor David Collins

After Brexit: London, Commercial Law and EU Law 23rd May, 2018
Thomas Sharpe QC, The Rt Hon. Peter Lilley, Martin Howe QC

UK Financial Services, EU Regulation and Tax, 31st January 2018
Bim Afolami MP, Sir Richard Aikens, Barnabas Reynolds

Triggering Article 50, 24th January 2017
Professor Peter Crisp, Dean and CEO, BPP University Law School, Graham Brady MP, Chairman, 1922 Committee, David Howarth, Member of the Electoral Commission, former MP for Cambridge and Lib Dem Shadow Secretary of State for Justice, Clare College, Cambridge, Professor Robert Tombs, Professor of History, St. John’s College, Cambridge, Jonathan Clark (via Skype), Hall Distinguished Professor of British History, University of Kansas

Jury Trials in the Criminal Justice System, 21st March 2017
The Rt Hon Sir Edward Garnier QC MP, barrister and MP for Harborough, Oadby & Wigston, Robert Neill MP, barrister and MP for Bromley & Chislehurst, Professor Cheryl Thomas, Professor of Judicial Studies, University College London, Professor Peter Crisp, Dean and CEO, BPP University Law School, Jeremy Dein QC, criminal defence barrister, 25 Bedford Row

Separation of Powers, 10th October 2017
Solicitor General Robert Buckland MP QC

Legal Aid – Its Role in an Effective Justice System, 14th September 2016
Hugh Barrett, Director of Commissioning and Strategy, Legal Aid Agency, Professor Peter Crisp, Dean, BPP Law School, Shailesh Vara MP, Minister for the Courts and Legal Aid (2013 – July 2016)

The Executive and the Judiciary, 5th July 2016
The Rt Hon Sir Alan Moses, Chairman, IPSO and Court of Appeal (2005—14), The Rt Hon Sir Edward Garnier QC MP, Solicitor General (2010—12), Martin Howe QC

Who Should Rule Britain? 15th June 2016
Lord Lamont of Lerwick, Chancellor of the Exchequer (1990-93), Chris Chope MP, House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee, Professor David Abulafia, Professor of Mediterranean History, John Baron MP, House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Sheila Lawlor, Director of Politeia

The CPS – Is the System Working? 23rd February, 2016
Lord Ken Macdonald, Victoria Atkins MP, Oliver Sells QC

Right or wrong – the SRA’s Proposals for training the profession? 3rd February, 2016
Professor Anthony Bradney, Keele University, Professor Peter Crisp, BPP University

The British Bill of Rights – Protecting Freedom under the Law, 27th January, 2016
Chris Chope MP, Martin Howe QC, Jonathan Fisher QC

Disclosing the Evidence in Criminal Trials -The Rule of Law and the Right to Know, 2nd December 2015
The Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP, Professor Ian Dennis

Parliament and Government – an imbalance of power? 24th November 2015
Graham Brady MP, Chairman, 1922 Committee
Simon Heffer, Columnist, The Daily Telegraph, Rt Hon Gisela Stuart MP, Intelligence and Security Committee, Lord McFall, House of Lords (Treasury Select Committee 2001-10)

The Law Commission’s Codification of Sentencing, 19th October 2015
Professor David Ormerod QC, Law Commissioner for Criminal Law and Evidence

Policing and The Rule of Law – Whose Law? What Powers? 9th June 2015
Rt Hon David Davis MP, former Shadow Home Secretary, Lord Blair of Boughton, Former Met Commissioner 2005-08

Britain’s Parliamentary Democracy – What role for Start Up Politics? 24th February 2015
Douglas Carswell MP

The Separation of Powers, 14th  January 2015
Sir Stephen Sedley

What Future for Trial by Jury? 11th December 2013
The Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP, Attorney General for England and Wales

Modern Day Slavery: How Can We Stop the Traffic, 11th June 2013
The Rt Hon Oliver Heald QC MP, Solicitor General for England and Wales

The UK’s Communications and Media Industry: Developing a policy to promote and protect media plurality, 11th July 2012
John Whittingdale MP, Chairman of the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, Eric Barendt, Emeritus Professor of Media Law at UCL, David Wheeldon, Director of Public Policy at BSkyB, Chris Elliott, Readers’ Editor at The Guardian.

Freedom, Responsibility and the State: Curbing Over-Mighty Government, 22nd May 2012
Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Zac Goldsmith MP, David Mowat MP, Martin Vickers MP

Cutting Courts or the State? Is the Justice Ministry right or wrong on the Magistrates’ courts? 19th October 2011
Stanley Brodie, QC, author of The Cost to Justice: Government Policy and the Magistrates Courts, Imran Ahmad, Political Advisor to Andy Slaughter MP – Labour’s Shadow Justice Minister, Sir Ivan Lawrence, QC, former Chairman, Home Affairs Select Committee (1992-1997), John Thornhill, Chairman, The Magistrates’ Association

How Free Should Speech Be: Where Should the Law Stop? 7th July 2011
Professor James Weinstein

The Charities, Public Benefit and the 2006 Act, 21st March 2011
Professor Peter Luxton, author of Making Law? Parliament v The Charity Commission, Hubert Piccarda QC, author of Law and Practice Relating to Charities

Cuts in the Courts System – Shrinking the Magistrates’ Courts or the Courts Service? 16th March 2011
Stanley Brodie QC, David Howarth

Address on Justice, February 2nd 2010
Henry Bellingham MP, Shadow Justice Minister