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‘EU Citizens (and Human) Rights After Brexit’

EU Citizens (and Human) Rights After Brexit

Tuesday 9th July

In the run up to the UK leaving the EU, Politeia’s series The UK and the EU: The Constitutional and Legal Relationship after Brexit will consider the future relationship between the UK courts and the ECJ.

The second event of the series, EU Citizens’ (and Human) Rights after Brexit, will take place on Tuesday 9th July, and will focus on the future rights of EU citizens and the status of EU law in the UK. Speakers will consider the legal questions prompted by different possible Brexit scenarios, including the proposed Withdrawal Agreement’s arrangements for EU citizens’ rights and the ‘no deal’ default position. The panel will consider such questions as:

  • What principles and practice generally underpin the rights of foreign nationals in the UK or other western democracies? To what extent does human rights legislation cover such rights?
  • How do the arrangements proposed in the Withdrawal Agreement for EU Citizens’ Rights compare with those operating internationally?
  • What consequences might the proposed Withdrawal Agreement arrangements have for final decisions on disputed matters?
  • What international precedents exist for effective independent arrangements thereafter?
  • Other points raised by Articles 9-39 of the Withdrawal Agreement?

Speaking will be:

  • Alex Chalk, MP, PPS Defence Secretary; HoC Justice Select Committee (2015-19).
  • Tom Cross, 11 King’s Bench Walk.
  • Dr Thomas Grant, Lauterpracht Centre for International Law, Cambridge; Senior Research Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge; Co-author, Avoiding the Trap – How to Move on from the Withdrawal Agreement.
  • Anthony Speaight QC, 4 Pump Court.

The event will take place on Tuesday 9th July, preceded by a drinks reception for guests attending from 7.00pm. If you would like to attend, please respond to this e-mail by writing to with your name, position and organisation, and we shall put you on the list. If you would like to bring a guest, please let us have the name and contact details.