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‘Back to School! Preparation, Not Cancellation’, by John Marenbon, Dominic Sullivan & Louise Moelwyn-Hughes
June 2020
Press Release


‘The Battle for Western Civilisation and the Origins of Western Philosophy’, by John Marenbon (with New Direction)
September 2019


‘Intangible Assets: Funding Research in the Arts and Humanities’, by John Marenbon
November 2018
Press Release

‘What Happened to the Art Schools?’ by Jacob Willer
October 2018
Press Release

‘Reversing Decline: Vocational Education and Training for a Highly Skilled Workforce’, by Sheila Lawlor
April 2018
Press Release


‘The State, National Identity and Schools’, by Sheila Lawlor, Claire Legras, Paola Mattei, Cyrille Michon, Robert Gildea, Robert Tombs & John Marenbon
December 2017
Press Release


Paying for the Future: Working Systems for Pensions and Healthcare’, by Ludger Schuknecht, Matthias Dauns & Werner Erbert
March 2015
Press Release

Working Systems: Towards Safer NHS Nursing’, by Tony Hockley & Sean Boyle
June 2014
Press Release

Latin for Language Lovers: Ancient Languages, the New Curriculum and GCSE, by David Butterfield, Stephen Anderson, Sheila Lawlor (Ed.) Katharine Radice & Dominic Sullivan
July 2013
Press Release

Primary Problems for the New Curriculum: Tougher Maths, Better Teachers’, by David Burghes
June 2013
Press Release

History in the Making: The New Curriculum: Right or Wrong?’, by David Abulafia, Jonathan Clark & Robert Tombs
April 2013
Press Release

Primary Problems: A First Curriculum for Mathematics’, by David Burghes
November 2012
Press Release

University Diversity: Freedom, Excellence and Funding for a Global Future’, by Martin Rees
October 2012
Press Release

Lessons from History: Freedom, Aspiration and the New Curriculum’, by Robert Tombs
April 2012
Press Release


Latin for Language Learners: Opening Opportunities for Primary Pupils’, by Chris Pelling, Llewelyn Morgan and Sheila Lawlor
June 2010
Press Release

A Premium on Patients: Funding the Future NHS’, by Tony Hockley
June 2010
Press Release

Teachers Matter: Recruitment, Employment and Retention at Home and Abroad, by David Burghes, John Howson, John Marenbon, John O’Leary & Chris Woodhead, Edited by Sheila Lawlor (Ed.)
July 2009
Press Release

Teaching Matters: The Recruitment, Employment and Retention of Teachers’, by David Burghes, Bob Moon, John O’Leary, Alan Smithers & Chris Woodhead, Edited by Sheila Lawlor
July 2007
Press Release

Aspire Ever Higher: University Policy for the 21st Century’, by Boris Johnson
June 2006
Press Release


Policing Matters: Recruitment, Training and Motivation, by Anthony Howlett Bolton, Anthony Burden, Tony Caplin, Sheila Lawlor (Ed.), David Ramsbotham, Kate Rutherford & Chris Woodhead
November 2005
Press Release

Comparing Standards: Teaching the Teachers. The Report of the Politeia Education Commission, by David Burghes, John Marenbon, Bob Moon, Alan Smithers, Chris Woodhead and Sheila Lawlor (Ed.)
October 2004
Press Release

How to Lower Schools Standards: Mike Tomlinson’s Modest Proposal’, by Chris Woodhead
July 2004
Press Release

University Challenge: Freedom, Fees and Future Funding’, by John Marenbon
May 2004
Press Release

Systems for Success: Models for Healthcare Reform’, by Sheila Lawlor, Georg Baum, Jean-Louis de Brive & Deepak Lal
February 2004
Press Release

‘Funding Failure: How Schools Pay for Success’, by Nicholas Boys Smith, Gabriel Stein & Adrian Butler
November 2003
Press Release

‘A Levels: Fiasco and Future’, by Sheila Lawlor
January 2003
Press Release

Comparing Standards: Academic and Vocational, 16-19 Year Olds. The Report of the Politeia Education Commission, by David Burghes, Herbert Lutz, John Marenbon, Shyam Patiar Sig Prais, Alan Smithers, Robert Tombs, Chris Woodhead and Sheila Lawlor (Ed.)
June 2002
Press Release

‘Comparing Pre-School Standards: The Report of the Politeia Education Commission’, by Sig Prais, Caroline St John Brooks & Chris Woodhead, Edited by Sheila Lawlor
March 2002
Press Release

‘Second Opinion? Moving the NHS Monopoly to a Mixed System’, by Sheila Lawlor
December 2001

‘A Free Schools Future’, by William Hague
December 2000

‘Incapacity and Disability: Paying for the Consequences’, by Chris Daykin
October 2000

‘Caring for the Long Term: Financing Provision for the Elderly’, by Philip Booth
May 2000

‘Comparing Standards: The Report of the Politeia Education Commission’, by Sig Prais, Caroline St. John Brooks, Chris Woodhead & Others, Edited by Sheila Lawlor
January 2000


‘From Beggars to Choosers: University Funding for the Future’, Sir Graham Hills
February 1999

‘The Cost of Caring: The Economics of Providing for the Intellectually Disabled’, by Shane Kavanagh & Louis Opit
December 1998

‘The Many and the Few: Rhetoric and Reality in the Universities after Dearing’
September 1997

‘A Moral Maze: Government Values in Education’, by John Marenbon
December 1996

‘A Question of Standards: Raising Standards by Choice’, by Robert Skidelsky
September 1996

‘Volunteerism and Charitable Giving in the Health Service’, by Angela Rumbold
July 1996

‘Question of Standards: The Need for a Local Democratic Vote’, by Tim Brighouse
April 1996

‘A Question of Standards: Finding a Balance’, by Chris Woodhead
December 1995