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‘Restoring UK Law: Freeing the UK’s Global Financial Market’, by Barnabas Reynolds
February 2021
Press Release

‘Preparing for Economic Recovery: More Market, Better Government’, by Ludger Schuknecht
December 2020
Press Release

‘Britain’s Taxable Capacity: Has it Reached the Upper Limit?’, by David B. Smith
November 2020
Press Release

‘The Economy, The Public Finances and the Challenges Post Covid(Working Paper)by Ludger Schuknecht
July 2020
Press Release

The UK’s Taxable Capacity – Has Britain Already Reached the Upper Limit?’, by David B. Smith
March 2020

Managing Euro Risk: Saving Investors from Systemic Risk’, by Barnabas Reynolds, David Blake & Robert Lyddon
February 2020
Press Release

‘All Change? UK State Aid after Brexit: What Law? What Courts?’, by James Webber
February 2020
Press Release

‘The Irish Border, Brexit and the EU: The Route to Frictionless Trade’, by Ray Basset (with New Direction)
October 2019

‘Best for the Future, Best for the Interim Free Trade for the Future’, by Barnabas Reynolds
July 2019

‘The EU, the UK and Global Trade – A New Roadmap’, by David Collins (2nd edition, with New Direction)
June 2019
Press Release

‘The Withdrawal Agreement, State Aid and UK Industry: How To Protect UK Competitiveness’, by Barnabas Reynolds & James Webber
February 2019
Press Release

The EU, the UK and Global Trade – A New Roadmap’, by David Collins (1st edition, with New Direction)
February 2019

‘How to Take Back Control: Trading Globally Through the WTO’, by John Redwood
December 2018
Press Release

‘Free Trade in UK-EU Financial Services: How Best to Structure a Brexit Trade Deal’, by Barnabas Reynolds
October 2018
Press Release

‘Better for All – Trade Liberalisation: The Economics’, by Andrei Potlogea
July 2018
Press Release 

‘The Brexit Settlement and UK Taxes’, by David B. Smith
June 2018

‘The Economics of Brexit – Getting the Best Deal for the UK’, by Patrick Minford
May 2018
Press Release

‘Rebalancing the Debate’ The Benefits Of Trade Liberalization And Implications For Future Policy,’ by Andrei Potlogea
Apil 2018

‘The Brexit Settlement and UK Taxes’, by David B. Smith
April 2018

‘EU-UK Financial Services After Brexit: Enhanced Equivalence – A Win-Win Proposition’, by Barnabas Reynolds
March 2018
Press Release

‘Trading on the Future: Brexit Trade Options and the UK Economy’, by Patrick Minford
March 2017
Press release

Prosperity not Austerity: Brexit Benefits— Britain’s New Economy‘, by the Rt Hon John Redwood MP
December 2016
Press Release

A Blueprint for Brexit: The Future of Global Financial Services and Markets in the UK’, by Barnabas Reynolds
November 2016
Press Release

Trading Places: Consumers v Producers in the New Brexit Economy’, by Patrick Minford
September 2016
Press Release

Flawed Forecast: The Treasury, the EU and Britain’s future’, by Patrick Minford
June 2016
Press Release

Trading Truths: The Treasury, Trade and the City, by John Redwood
May 2016
Press Release

Banking on Recovery: Towards an accountable, stable financial sector, by Lord McFall, Dr Syed Kamall, Dr Gerard Lyons, Professors Richard Roberts, Forrest Capie, Geoffrey Wood, Kent Matthews, David B. Smith, Melanie Powell, Dr Eugene Michaels & Dr Sheila Lawlor
April 2016
Press Release

QE for the Eurozone: Sensible, Appropriate, and Well-Calibrated’, by Tim Congdon
January 2015

The UK Government Spending Ratio: Back to the 1930s?’, by David Smith
January 2015
Press Release

After Osbrown: Mending Monetary Policy’, by Douglas Carswell
January 2014
Press Release

The Financial Sector and the UK Economy: The Danger of Over-Regulation, by Lord McFall, Kent Matthews, Patrick Minford, David Green, Jamie Dannhauser, John Hodgson, Scott Cochrane, David B. Smith & Lord George
July 2013
Press Releasep

Going for Growth: The best course for sustained economic recovery’, by Norbert Hoekstra, Ludger Schuknecht & Holger Zemanek
September 2012
Press Release

Realistic Recovery: Why Keynesian Solutions Will Not Work’, by Vito Tanzi
July 2012
Press Release

Crisis Managed: Monetary and Fiscal Frameworks for the Future’, by Michael Bordo & Harold James
December 2011
Press Release

More Gain Than Pain: Consolidating the Public Finances, by Philipp Rother, Ludger Schuknecht & Jürgen Stark
March 2011
Press Release

Poverty or Prosperity: What Tax is Best for a Flourishing Economy?, by Vito Tanzi, Irwin Stelzer, Peter Birch Sørenson, Dennis Snower, Deepak Lal, Alessio Brown, Arij Lans Bovenberg & Sheila Lawlor
April 2010
Press Release

Booms, Busts and Fiscal Policy: Public Finances in the Future’, by Ludger Schuknecht
November 2009
Press Release

Crisis Management? How British Banks Should Face the Future’, by David B. Smith
October 2009
Press Release

Banking Benefit: Welfare Accounts for the Individual’, by Dennis Snower & Alessio Brown
February 2009
Press Release

A Prosperous New Year? Politeia’s New Year’s Message’, by Norman Lamont & Vito Tanzi
January 2009
Press Release

Regulating for the New Economic Order: The Good, the Bad and the Damaging’, by Vito Tanzi
October 2008
Press Release

Banking on Stability: A Formula for Economic Success’, by Edward George
September 2008
Press Release

Taxes in a Global Economy: Efficiency, Fairness and Incentives’, by Irwin Stelzer
May 2008
Press Release

Taxing Matters: Moving the UK from Predator State to Global Economy’, by Deepak Lal
March 2007
Press Release

The Limits to Tax: Efficiency, Equity and International Competition’, by Irwin Stelzer
December 2006
Press Release

Death of an Illusion? Decline and Fall of High Tax Economics’, by Vito Tanzi
November 2006
Press Release

Good for the Public! Competition, Technology and the Shrinking State’, by Irwin Stelzer
February 2006

At A Price! The True Cost of Public Spending’, by Alistair Heath & David Smith
April 2006
Press Release

Reforming Public Spending: Great Gain, Little Pain’, by Ludger Schuknecht & Vito Tanzi
December 2005
Press Release

For Better or For Worse? The Economic Record of the Labour Government’, Warwick Lightfoot
July 2005
Press Release

A Lower Tax Future: The Economic Role of the State in the 21st Century, by Vito Tanzi
November 2004
Press Release

Mounting Costs: Regulation, Employment and the British Labour Market, by Nicholas Boys Smith
July 2004
Press Release

‘Auditing the New Deal: What Figures for the Future?’, by Oliver Heald & Mark Waldron
May 2004
Press Release

Building More Homes’, by Richard Ehrman & Crispin Kelly
March, 2003
Press Release

‘Towards a Low-Tax Welfare State’, by Tim Congdon
January 2002
Press Release

‘Labour’s Return to Tax and Spend: The Economic Record of the Labour Government’, by Warwick Lightfoot
April 2001

‘No Third Way: Interfering Government and Its Cost to Business’, by Nicholas Boys Smith
February 2001
Press Release

‘Public Rags or Private Riches? High Public Spending Makes Us Poor’, by David Smith
January 2001
Press Release

‘European Tax Harmonization and British Taxes’, by Tim Congdon
May 1999

‘Is European Integration Really the Friend of Free Trade?’, by James Forder
June 1999

‘Banking on Change: Independence, Regulation and the Bank of England’, by David Gowland
June 1997

‘Global Opportunities: Liberalising World Trade and Labour Markets’, by Harold James
January 1997

‘Unfinished Business: The Economic Case for a More Liberal Labour Market’, Warwick Lightfoot
January 1997