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Edite Ligere is Politeia’s Director, a barrister at 1 Crown Office Row Chambers and an advisor at Galileo Global Advisors in New York. Her special interests include artificial intelligence, insurance, human rights and cyber security. She was appointed to the Bar Council of England and Wales in 2020. She has written for the OECD on 'Insurance: can systemic risk get any more systemic post-COVID–19? '. Edite recently spoke at a webinar hosted by The European Institute of Columbia University, the European Legal Studies Center of Columbia University and the European American Chamber of Commerce in New York on ‘The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement’.

3 posts

Kryptonite or crypto right?

  • By Edite Ligere
  • April 23, 2021

This week the U.K.’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced a new Treasury and Bank of England taskforce to explore a central bank digital currency (CBDC)...