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‘A Lower Tax Future: The Economic Role of the State in the 21st Century’, by Vito Tanzi

Professor Vito Tanzi

Vito Tanzi is an economist who was State Secretary for Economy and Finance in the Italian Government between 2001 and 2003, having previously served as Director of the Fiscal Affairs Department (1981-2000) and Chief of the Tax Policy Division (1974-81) at the International Monetary Fund. Prior to those roles, he was Professor (1967-74) and Chairman (1970-73) of the Economics Department at Washington D.C. University. His publications include Termites of the State: Why Complexity Leads to Inequality (2017) and Governments versus Markets: The Changing Economic Role of the State (2011). His Politeia publications include Realistic Recovery: Why Keynesian Solutions Will Not Work (2016) and Regulating for the New Economic Order: The Good, the Bad and the Damaging (2008).

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