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The Economy

Wednesday 17th May 2017: As the UK prepares to leave the EU, the policies needed to promote prosperity at home and a worthy, high-skill economy will be paramount.

Not only will the broad principles on which a sound economy rests matter, but low levels of tax for individuals and business, sound monetary management and the elimination of costly, burdensome and unnecessary regulation all matter.

Great strides will be needed to capitalise on and develop the UK’s existing strengths across the service and manufacturing sectors. These include the financial sector, manufacturing and construction industries and many new scientific industries – robotics, fintech, electric vehicles and drone technology.

Much too will need to be done to promote the high standards of education and the training of a highly-skilled workforce to exploit the opportunities and changes ahead for the whole country.

The series will also touch on such questions as the fiscal, monetary and regulatory framework best for prosperity and growth, the incentives for entrepreneurship and small business and policies to counter the obstacles to investment.

Contributing will be economists, politicians, business leaders and academic and industry specialists.