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16th Apr – Brussels insists on a ‘level playing field’ post-Brexit, but what about the Eurozone?

By David Collins, 16th April 2020

Excerpt: With the prospect of massive debt-fuelled bailouts from the European Central Bank (ECB) in response to the coronavirus pandemic in Italy and elsewhere, attention has once again turned to the fragility of the Eurozone and the problems of risk-spreading across a monetary union consisting of countries which are rich and poor.

In a paper I recently published with Politeia, “How to Level the EU Playing Field,” I argue that the unfairness inherent in the structure of the Eurozone may be addressed through trade remedies pursued by the UK under World Trade Organization rules. Specifically, the UK may be able to level anti-dumping duties on products originating from the Eurozone which are being sold at less than their normal price due to the advantages provided by the euro currency.’

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