The Rt Hon David Gauke MPThe Rt Hon David Gauke MPLord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice

For over two decades now, Politeia has carved out an important role for itself in our political life – not only facilitating public debate on the big questions we face, but helping to shape it too.

Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable MPRt Hon Sir Vince Cable MPLeader, The Liberal Democrats

Politeia has been, in my experience, a very good forum for discussing important policy issues from first principle.

Rt Hon Frank Field MPRt Hon Frank Field MPChair, Work and Pensions Select Committee

Politeia's generosity in opening up its forum to a wide range of views makes it for me a very attractive think tank.

Rt Hon Sir Oliver Letwin MPRt Hon Sir Oliver Letwin MP

Politeia is ... an important part ... of what keeps the intellectual arguments in British politics alive. It has a distinguished past and a bright future.

Professor Deepak LalProfessor Deepak Lal

Politeia is a small but influential London-based think tank, which, with the quality of its authors , has made a major contribution in a number of areas of public policy like taxes, health and education.

Rt Hon Philip Hammond MPRt Hon Philip Hammond MPChancellor of the Exchequer

Politeia provides a forum in which politicians of all parties, leading academics and key figures in the business community and the media can discuss cutting-edge issues of the day and share views that have contributed significantly to the development of mainstream political thought in the UK.

Rt Hon Michael Gove MPRt Hon Michael Gove MP

Politeia does a brilliant job generating the ideas our country needs to achieve noble, progressive goals