Criminal Negligence: How current policies towards Crime, Policing and Punishment fail the Nation

Robin Harris
July 2003 £9.00

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For many people today, high levels of often violent crime are as much a cause for concern as poor schools and failing healthcare. Successive governments have made it a priority to reduce crime. But have they been obstructed by the way in which the system of policing, prosecution and punishment now operates? In this pamphlet Robin Harris analyses the way in which the system itself has been weakened by changes in recent decades to the principles on which the system of criminal justice and its operation rest. Effective policing has been damaged by mangerialism and poltiical correctness. The judiciary very often appears to see its role as that of policy maker rather than judge. And the politicians switch their attention from day to day to different targets and causes. All of this is a distraction from the real issue of fighting crime. The author argues for fundamental reform to policing and an increase in the number of police fighting crime. And he suggests that the role of prison in deterring criminals and removing them from criminal activity should be reconsidered; money should be made available for providing more prison places, as well as extensive rehabilitation programmes for drug takers.

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