The decision to leave the EU by voters in this year's referendum reflected the analyses of economists, lawyers and senior political figures in Politeia's Referendum Series:

Martin Howe, Zero Plus: The Principles of EU Renegotiation, July 2014
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Patrick Minford, Flawed Forecast: The Treasury, the EU and Britain's future’, June 2016
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Sheila Lawlor, Ruling the Ruler: Parliament, the People and Britain's Political Identity’, June 2016
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For an analysis of the size of state spending, Professor David Smith’s paper asks UK Government Spending Ratio: Back to the 1930s?January 2015
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Government plans for spending follow Vito Tanzi’s recommendations for the state spending to be reduced to 35-40 per cent of GDP in Realistic Recovery: Why Keynesian Solutions Will Not WorkJuly 2012
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The budget's focus on cutting debt, fiscal consolidation and structural reform follows the approach proposed by Ludger Schuknecht in Going for Growth: The Best Course for Sustained Economic Recovery, September 2012
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The 2014 Budget promise of a ‘shale gas revolution’ followed Politeia’s focus on the advantages of shale in The Future of Gas in UK Energy Supply with Peter Lilley MP and Prof Robert Mair.


The Prime Minister proposes ‘English Votes for English Laws’ alongside greater devolution to Scotland, a solution recommended by Martin Howe QC in his 2006 Politeia Pamphlet ABC: A Balanced Constitution for the 21st Century
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The Criminal Justice and Courts Bill proposes that jurors who search the web for case details should be jailed, following Dominic Grieve's warning in his 2013 Politeia Address that searching for information online about a trial can be contempt of court, punishable by imprisonment.


New National Curriculum published, includes recommendations by Politeia for history from:

David Abulafia, Jonathan Clark and Robert Tombs, History in the Making: The New Curriculum: Right or Wrong?, April 2013
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David Burghes, Primary Problems for the New Curriculum: Tougher Maths, Better TeachersJune 2013
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Both are part of Politeia’s Curriculum Series.