The UK, Trade Liberalisation and Global Trade

12.00-1.00pm, Wednesday 7th March

Lord Duncan of Springbank, House of Lords, Parliamentary Undersecretary, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Dr Andrei Potlogea, Department of Economics, University of Edinburgh, author of forthcoming Politeia study Trade Liberalisation -The Benefits (working title)

Trevor Williams, University of Derby, Chief Economist, Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking (1997-2016)

The UK is now preparing its position as a global economy, poised to forge new trade deals globally after Brexit.  What principles should be at the heart of policy for this country to prosper? How will the benefits of trade liberalisation be shared with its new trading partners so that mutually beneficial deals take off? On Wednesday 7th March, 12.00-1.00pm, Politeia will mark publication of its forthcoming study, Trade Liberalisation -The Benefits (working title) with a special event addressing the principles and options for policy.