Education and Healthcare – All Publications

Paying for the Future: Working Systems for Pensions and Healthcare’, by Ludger Schuknecht, Matthias Dauns, and Werner Erbert
March 2015
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Working Systems: Towards Safer NHS Nursing’, by Tony Hockley & Sean Boyle
June 2014
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Latin for Language Lovers: Ancient Languages, the New Curriculum and GCSE’, by David Butterfield, Stephen Anderson, Katharine Radice and Dominic Sullivan
July 2013
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Primary Problems for the New Curriculum: Tougher Maths, Better Teachers’, by David Burghes
June 2013
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History in the Making: The New Curriculum: Right or Wrong?’, by David Abulafia, Jonathan Clark and Robert Tombs
April 2013
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Primary Problems: A First Curriculum for Mathematics’, by David Burghes
November 2012
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University Diversity: Freedom, Excellence and Funding for a Global Future’, by Lord Martin Rees
October 2012
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Lessons from History: Freedom, Aspiration and the New Curriculum’, by Robert Tombs
April 2012
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Latin for Language Learners: Opening Opportunities for Primary Pupils’, by Chris Pelling and Llewelyn Morgan
June 2010
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A Premium on Patients: Funding the Future NHS’, by Tony Hockley
June 2010
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Teachers Matter: Recruitment, Employment and Retention at Home and Abroad’, by David Burghes, John Howson, John Marenbon, John O’Leary & Chris Woodhead; Edited by Sheila Lawlor
July 2009
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Teaching Matters: The Recruitment, Employment and Retention of Teachers’, by David Burghes, Bob Moon, John O’Leary, Alan Smithers & Chris Woodhead; Edited by Sheila Lawlor
July 2007
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Aspire Ever Higher: University Policy for the 21st Century’, by Boris Johnson
June 2006
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Policing Matters: Recruitment, Training and Motivation’, by Anthony Howlett Bolton, Anthony Burden, Tony Caplin, David Ramsbotham, Kate Rutherford, Chris Woodhead, edited by Sheila Lawlor
November 2005
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Comparing Standards: Teaching the Teachers. The Report of the Politeia Education Commission’, by David Burghes, John Marenbon, Bob Moon, Alan Smithers & Chris Woodhead, edited by Sheila Lawlor
October 2004
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How to Lower Schools Standards: Mike Tomlinson’s Modest Proposal’, by Chris Woodhead
July 2004
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University Challenge: Freedom, Fees and Future Funding’, by John Marenbon
May 2004
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Systems for Success: Models for Healthcare Reform’, by Sheila Lawlor, Georg Baum, Jean-Louis de Brive and Deepak Lal
February 2004
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‘Funding Failure: How Schools Pay for Success’, by Nicholas Boys Smith, Gabriel Stein and Adrian Butler
November 2003
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‘A Levels: Fiasco and Future’, by Sheila Lawlor
January 2003
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Comparing Standards: Academic and Vocational, 16-19 Year Olds. The Report of the Politeia Education Commission’, by David Burghes, Herbert Lutz, John Marenbon, Shyam Patiar Sig Prais, Alan Smithers, Robert Tombs & Chris Woodhead, edited by Sheila Lawlor
June 2002
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‘Comparing Pre-School Standards: The Report of the Politeia Education Commission’, by Sig Prais, Caroline St John Brooks & Chris Woodhead, edited by Sheila Lawlor
March 2002
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‘Second Opinion? Moving the NHS Monopoly to a Mixed System’, by Sheila Lawlor
December 2001

‘A Free Schools Future’, by William Hague
December 2000

‘Incapacity and Disability: Paying for the Consequences’, by Chris Daykin
October 2000

‘Caring for the Long Term: Financing Provision for the Elderly’, by Philip Booth
May 2000

‘Comparing Standards: The Report of the Politeia Education Commission’, by Sig Prais, Caroline St. John Brooks, Chris Woodhead & Others, edited by Sheila Lawlor
January 2000

‘From Beggars to Choosers: University Funding for the Future’, Sir Graham Hills’
February 1999

‘The Cost of Caring: The Economics of Providing for the Intellectually Disabled’, by Shane Kavanagh and Louis Opit
December 1998

‘The Many and the Few: Rhetoric and Reality in the Universities after Dearing’
September 1997

‘A Moral Maze: Government Values in Education’, by John Marenbon
December 1996

‘A Question of Standards: Raising Standards by Choice’, by Robert Skidelsky
September 1996

‘Volunteerism and Charitable Giving in the Health Service’, by Angela Rumbold
July 1996

‘Question of Standards: The Need for a Local Democratic Vote’, by Tim Brighouse
April 1996

‘A Question of Standards: Finding a Balance’, by Chris Woodhead
December 1995