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  • ‘No Deal – The Best Deal, and at a Good Price’, by John Baron MP

    November 17, 2017

    As Parliament Debates the EU (withdrawal) Bill,  John Baron MP reflects on EU dynamics and Britain’s strengths:

    The EU negotiation – like any meaningful one – will be a journey with highs and lows.  But, as my question this week at PMQs underlined, no serious negotiation would allow one party to dictate the financial terms before the wider terms were known. Now after months of stonewalling on trade talks, it must be hoped that economic and political sense prevails in Brussels and that the leaders of the EU 27 clip the wings of the more ideologically-driven Commission. Here there has been progress as EU countries opted last month to start the scoping works on an agreement amongst themselves…

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What they say …

  • The Rt Hon David Gauke MPThe Rt Hon David Gauke MPSecretary of State for Work and Pensions

    For over two decades now, Politeia has carved out an important role for itself in our political life – not only facilitating public debate on the big questions we face, but helping to shape it too.

  • Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable MPRt Hon Sir Vince Cable MP

    Politeia has been, in my experience, a very good forum for discussing important policy issues from first principle.

  • Rt Hon Frank Field MPRt Hon Frank Field MP

    Politeia's generosity in opening up its forum to a wide range of views makes it for me a very attractive think tank.

  • Rt Hon Sir Oliver Letwin MPRt Hon Sir Oliver Letwin MP

    Politeia is ... an important part ... of what keeps the intellectual arguments in British politics alive. It has a distinguished past and a bright future.

  • Lord McFallLord McFall

    I have been privileged to have participated in the cutting-edge policy discussions which are a hallmark of Politeia's approach.

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