The project considers and analyses the legal, constitutional, economic and trade steps needed to move Britain from the constraints of the EU and the Single Market to a framework consistent with constitutional and economic freedom, and to promote a free market economy.

A series of publications and events will focus on four themes:

  • Leaving the Single Market: Free trade, global markets and consumers: options for the UK to leave the EU and its Single Market based on the traditions of free markets, a dynamic global trade pattern and a free economy, with the aim of free trade and continued access to the Single Market.
  • How to Leave the EU: Next steps for UK Financial Services: assessment of current framework for financial services, how it operates and how it affects the different businesses working in the sector. It considers the options for UK financial services post-Brexit and how the UK can continue to lead globally and in the EU.
  • Next Steps for the UK Economy and Prosperity: the steps needed to negotiate a successful exit from the EU and adjust economic policy to put prosperity first. Britain’s monetary and fiscal policy options, and changes needed across a wider front (education, energy, transport, taxation, budgets and trade) will be discussed.
  • Constitutional and Legal Priorities for the UK: the legal basis for UK global trade deals with third countries outside the EU; arrangements for forging new trade deals post-Brexit, taking over from the EU those free trade deals with countries to which Britain is already a party; the future framework for UK-EU trade relations and the best legal options for Britain’s strategy in negotiating future access to the EU’s Single Market.

Contributing to the programme are economists, business leaders, politicians and academic and legal specialists.