‘Trading on the Future: Brexit Trade Options and the UK Economy’, by Patrick Minford
March 2017
Press release

Triggering Article 50, Courts, Government and Parliament‘, by David Abulafia, Jonathan Clark, Peter Crisp, David Howarth, Sheila Lawlor and Robert Tombs
January 2017
Press Release

Prosperity not Austerity: Brexit Benefits— Britain’s New Economy‘, by the Rt Hon John Redwood MP
December 2016
Press Release

A Blueprint for Brexit: The Future of Global Financial Services and Markets in the UK’, by Barnabas Reynolds
November 2016
Press Release

Trading Places: Consumers v Producers in the New Brexit Economy’, by Patrick Minford
September 2016
Press Release

How to leave the EU: Legal and Trade Priorities for the New Britain’, by Martin Howe QC
July 2016
Press Release

Flawed Forecast: The Treasury, the EU and Britain’s future’, by Patrick Minford
June 2016
Press Release

The EU: An idea whose time has passed’, by Roger Bootle
June 2016
Press Release

Joining the World: Britain Outside the EU’, by Nigel Lawson
May 2016
Press Release

Britain and the EU: What must change’, by William Cash, Bernard Jenkin, John Redwood
June 2015
Press Release

Britain and Europe: The momentum for European Reform, by Lord Howell of Guildford
December 2014
Press Release

Zero Plus: The Principles of EU Renegotiation’, by Martin Howe QC
July 2014
Press Release

The Armed Forces, NATO and the EU: What Should the UK’s Role Be?, by Liam Fox
March 2010
Press Release

Safeguarding Sovereignty: A Bill for UK Constitutional Rights in the EU, by Martin Howe
January 2010
Press Release

Restoring Parliamentary Authority: EU Laws and British Scrutiny’, by Theresa May and Nicholas Timothy
November 2007
Press Release

Who Controls Britain’s Borders?’, by David Heathcoat-Amory
January 2007
Press Release

Working in Harness: Parliamentary Government and the Role of the Lords, by Thomas Strathclyde
March 2005
Press Release

Voting on the Constitution: What should this country know about the consequences?, by Daniel Hannan
November 2004
Press Release

Why Britain Needs a Foreign Policy’, by Robin Harris
June 2004
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‘The EU Constitution: What It Means For Me’, by David Heathcoat-Amory
July 2003
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‘Pension Systems: The EU and Accession Countries, Lessons for the UK’, by Chris Daykin
December 2002
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Tackling Terrorism: The European Human Rights Convention and the Enemy Within’, by Martin Howe
October 2001

‘Britain and Europe: Choices for Change’, by Bill Jamieson and Patrick Minford (joint publication with Global Britain)
November 1999

‘EMU and Globalization’, by Deepak Lal
September 1999

‘Is European Integration Really the Friend of Free Trade?’, by James Forder
June 1999

‘European Tax Harmonization and British Taxes’, by Tim Congdon
May 1999