Politeia’s 2016-17 series with BPP University

How can the principles on which justice rests flourish under the fiscal constraints of today’s competitive economy?

The justice system is under a number of pressures: the need to curb public spending so as to return the economy to growth and to compete globally; the calls to by-pass some long-standing Common Law liberties to promote security at home and counter the dangers posed by international or home-grown terrorism; the need, on leaving the EU, to take over the laws and powers which have rested with the EU.

Against this background, the 2016-17 series considers the current operation of the justice system. It explores the relationship between academic questions of principle and the practical questions of policy. It aims to identify where current arrangements make for an effective and efficient system, the obstacles posed to this and what changes may be needed to make it so. The format includes lecture, panel, round table and seminar events with linked publications under these three broad headings:

  • Funding Justice and the Rule of Law
  • The Effective Operation of the Courts
  • The Separation of Powers and the Independence of the Judiciary

Contributing to the programme are lawyers, both practising and academic, politicians from across the party political spectrum, who are responsible for different areas of the justice system or have a legal background, and other specialists.